Which Water Heater Is Right For Me?

Which water heater is right for me?

Choosing a Water Heater for your home can often seem like a daunting or even intimidating task, particularly in the event your current equipment has failed.  From tankless to gas to electric or even oil-fired we are your water heater specialist.  Our dedicated team can help you diagnose, repair, or replace your existing water heater.  We are knowledgeable in all brands and styles.  Our technician will walk you through choosing the best solution for your hot water needs, and as always, we offer a free comprehensively detailed estimate to bring you a stress free experience. Give us a call to schedule your Water Heater Estimate today!

Types of Water Heaters:

Gas Water Heater: Natural Gas or propane water heaters can be energy efficient and cost effective.  Have our technician tell you about a power vent upgrade. If your existing water heater is a gas water heater, this might be the right option for you.
Tankless: Tankless water heaters are space saving and incredibly energy efficient.  They can be a major investment to your home but you will frequently see a return on your home value.  We offer both whole house units and smaller point of use models.  
Electric: Fiberglass electric water heaters offer an unparalleled manufacturer lifetime tank warranty.  If you don’t have gas lines and want to ensure you won’t need to replace your water heater again, an electric fiberglass water heater may be the right choice for you.  
Oil Fired- Most commonly found in turn of the century homes, oil fired water heaters need a little extra maintenance but produce endless hot water.  Our technician can set you up on a maintenance schedule to keep your oil fired water heater running efficiently.

Sizing Options

Residential water heaters run from tankless to 100 gallons. A properly sized water heater will provide you with all of the hot water that you need while running effeciantly and keeping your utility bills low. Our team will use the number of bedrooms and tubs in your home to help determine how large a system you may need. Some factors like multiple soaking tubs or older washing machines may impact our reccomendation. Once we have discussed it with you we will suggest the type and size you need.
With this information and the knowledgeable team at Donovan WaterWorks, we can help you find the right water heater without any of the stress. Give us a call today to discuss your options.
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