About Us

We are a queer woman-owned and operated residential full service plumbing company serving Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the surrounding area. We specialize in home remodels, general plumbing service, water treatment, well services, and more.

Woman Owned and Operated

Queer woman owned and family operated, Donovan Waterworks strives to deliver the best possible plumbing service for our clients and their families. With more than 23 years experience, our team will properly diagnose your issue and clearly explain your options. We believe that plumbing installations and repairs should be done right the first time, without breaking the bank.

The Donovan Family
Our Mission

Donovan WaterWorks will provide homeowners with a unique experience by providing access to safe, honest and ethical plumbing with a focus on an excellent customer experience so every homeowner can feel in control of the decisions around their plumbing and safe around the technicians in their home.

Our Vision

To become a household name and the go-to plumbing company for Baltimore City and the surrounding area.  Our name will be synonymous with high quality workmanship and ethical practices.  

To be known for our investment in our community and our outspoken support of woman in the trades.

To be an employer of choice.

Our Values


We place great importance on being ethical, honest, and trustworthy. We believe that honesty is the key to success. We work to demonstrate honesty not just in what we say but in what we do as well. Honesty is doing the right thing just because it is the right thing and we commit to being a company that lives that motto day to day. The trust and respect of our community is a cornerstone of our business.


We strive to show a deep respect for all people who invite us into their homes and for the communities in which they live. We believe in creating economic opportunities for those who have been denied them by focusing our hiring practices on local underserved markets. We’re dedicated to having a positive impact. We endeavor to be the change we want to see, by giving back to our home community of Baltimore, MD.

Exceptional Service

Providing exceptional service is what separates a good plumber from a great plumber, and Donovan WaterWorks strives to be the best plumber in Maryland. We believe that going above and beyond is part of how we build long-lasting relationships. A persons home is their castle and it is our job to protect your investment. Find out why we have a five-star rating by calling us today.


We feel the best way to teach our kids to be kind and respectful citizens is to model those attributes as a company. We believe that we should exhibit social responsibility both as a business and in our personal lives. We are dedicated to taking selfless actions that benefit others. This includes charitable partnerships, working with vendors and sub-contractors that reflect our values, and supporting the efforts of our employees with paid community service days. We are committed to completing pro-bono work in our community annually with the goal of bettering communities, improving lives, and creating a more fulfilling place to work.

Our Team

Danni Donovan (she/her)

Master Plumber/Director of Operations

Danni has been a plumber for over 23 years. She is dedicated and passionate abut her job. Starting Donovan WaterWorks with her family has allowed her to accomplish her dream of offering quality service at affordable pricing and building a relationship with her clients for years to come. Danni loves camping, spending time with her three children, and being outdoors.

Angela Donovan (she/her)

Executive Director

Angela brings 15 years business accumun to ensure that all of our customer estimates and billing are done right the first time. Angela also runs the company social media pages, stop by and say hello on our Facebook or Instagram page. Angela is an avid reader and loves spending time with her family of five in the outdoors.

Ron Green (he/him)

Master Plumber

Ron has over 30 years of experience as a plumber in the Baltimore Area. He specializes in water treatment and well systems. He is a dedicated plumber who takes pride in his work. Ron loves to spend time with his wife and children and his dog in the outdoors. Ron is also a die-hard Dolphins fan so feel free to show him your Raven's pride.

Aaron Ashton (he/him)


Aaron is just starting his plumbing career and is excited to work with you. He was born and raised in the Baltimore area and can't imagine a better place to be. He loves to play video games and really enjoys anime.

Szek Panza (he/him)

Apprentice Plumber

Szek is an apprentice plumber who is a Maryland transplant. He grew up in Pennsylvania and fell in love with Baltimore when his family moved here seven years ago. Szek's favorite part of living in the Baltimore area are the hiking trails at Gunpowder Falls, so feel free to suggest your favorite hike when you see him out in the field.

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