We Protect Your Home

The staff of Donovan WaterWorks takes great pride in providing excellent plumbing services, but it doesn’t stop there. We work to ensure that your entire home is in good hands during the service call.


Simply because we care. We care about the members of our community. We care about the work that we do. And we care about doing our absolute best, always.

How Do We Protect Your Home?

Protecting your home goes far beyond just providing the necessary services (plumbing maintenance, repairs, etc.). We ensure that your home looks just as beautiful when we leave, as it does when we arrive. 

Shoe covers are worn by every staff member that enters your home. We want to protect your floors from any dirt and debris that may be on our shoes.

Drop cloths are used to protect your flooring from any spills and/or debris that may occur during the service call.

Sanitizer is used by all staff members before and after working with each customer. We also properly sanitize our iPads between customers.

Stair runners are used for protecting your carpet/flooring and keeping it clean while we work. 

Counter covers are used to ensure that your counters, cabinetry, and fixtures remain unscathed during the service call.

What Can You Do?

You can prepare your home prior to the service call in just a couple of easy steps. 

  1. Remove any obstacles from the location requiring service.
  2. Move and/or protect any fragile decor within the area.

Our Promise To You

We promise to treat your home with the utmost respect. 

We promise to treat your home as if it were our own. 

We promise to continue providing the highest quality plumbing services around!

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