Water Treatment 101

A common misconception is that water treatment is only for water that has an unpleasant taste or smell. There are many different issues that could require water treatment, as well as several options of systems to balance your home’s water supply.


Here are some indications that there could be issue with your homes water:


·      White, green, or red stain on your plumbing fixtures
·      Your dishes have a film on them coming out of the dishwasher
·      Your water heater frequently needs to be repaired
·      An odor when you run your water
·      Your hair feels brittle when you get out of the shower
·      Cloudy water
·      Clogged aerators on your faucets


If you experience any of these problems, it is a sign that you need a water treatment system.  Water treatment is a common necessity for residence of Maryland whether you have a well or city water.  However, the type of water treatment will change based on your specific water needs.  


What Does Water Treatment Do For Me?


Adding a water treatment system to your home can provide many health benefits. Any sediment, mold, dirt, lead or chemicals, and even rust from pipes is removed, meaning your drinking water would be free of metals and harmful minerals. Water treatment systems work to remove things like excessive chlorine and other contaminants from your water, while leaving traces of the natural minerals and vitamins that are healthy for you. It can also help reduce waste and save you money by not relying on bottled water.


Additionally, water treatment can save you money on expensive repairs to your home's plumbing and fixtures.  It can improve how clean your dishes or laundry are.  It can even help with dry and itchy skin caused by hard water.  


How Do I Know What Water Treatment Would Be Best?


Our specialty is water analysis. We offer free in-home water testing where we can immediately tell you the components of your water. We will use all the information gathered through our analysis to help you choose the water treatment system that will work best to meet your needs. Hard water can often be taken care of with the installation of a water softener. For hard water with iron, you may require an iron handler. If our findings indicate that your water’s Ph level is outside of the normal range of 7.5-8.5, we will discuss installing either an acid neutralizer or a chemical feeder to bring down the acidity of your water. If your water tests for nitrates, lead, chlorine, chlorides, or other chemicals, a nitrate softener or a reverse osmosis system may be best for you. After we have tested your water, we will provide you with a free, no hassle estimate outlining your options and our recommendations.  


In addition to installing water treatment, we take the hassle out of maintaining your water treatment system by offering a service plan to keep everything working for you. We can auto schedule your service so that you don't have to worry about loading salt or calling to schedule the necessary appointments.


Our technicians will always use their expertise to give you a comprehensive diagnosis and review all your choices through the decision process, so you can be confident in your new water treatment system.  Give us a call today to schedule your free water test!

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