Home Maintenance Tasks That Save You Time & Money

December 26, 2022

As a homeowner, it's easy to become overwhelmed with your to-do list. The time and money we spend making repairs can be astronomical. But, what if we told you there is an easy way to avoid some of the bigger items on that list? Home maintenance can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your time down the road.  

We suggest creating a list of home maintenance goals for 2023 and referring to this list to help you prevent having to pay for big repairs down the road.  

In this article, we will discuss the 10 most important home maintenance tasks a homeowner needs to consider, why they are important and what you need to know to get them done.

Preventative Home Care

Preventative home care should be thought of in a similar light as getting an oil change.  There are certain tasks you can do regularly that will keep the appliances, furnace, and other items in your home running smoothly.

10 Home Maintenance Tasks To Avoid Big Price Tags Later

1. Exterior Inspection

Water damage is one of the most expensive problems a homeowner can experience. So, it is important to inspect your home’s exterior regularly for any signs of water damage, cracks in siding, or other issues that need to be addressed. Catching a small problem early could save you thousands of dollars later and best of all when it is a small problem, you may be able to fix the problem yourself.

2. Interior Foundation Inspection

Check your home’s foundation and basement annually to make sure there is no water leakage or seepage. One of the places you are most likely to see signs of water damage is the corners of your home.  It is tempting to avoid seeing a problem.  But, finding a problem early can mean huge cost savings later.

3. HVAC Yearly Maintenance

Did you know that getting an HVAC service checkup annually will help to make sure it is still running efficiently and safely? In addition, it is likely to make your system last longer.

4. Change Your Air Filters

Change out air filters on a regular basis as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Again, this will help your system run more efficiently and last longer.  Did you know that adding a pet to your home means you need to change your filter more often?

5. Inspect Your Plumbing 

Ensure all plumbing fixtures are checked for leaks and repairs each year.  We can do this for you but chances are you can do it yourself.  Look under all of your sinks and toilets to check for any signs of leaking.  If your shower has an access panel do the same thing there.  If you have other areas in the house with exposed pipes check there also.  Don't ignore small leaks.  Small leaks can become bigger over time.  Fixing them while they are small is less expensive for the service and you are less likely to experience damage to your home. 

6. Roof Inspection

We know, we seem a little obsessed with water damage, but it really is one of the biggest costs to a homeowner.  It's important to have your roof inspected for any damage caused by wind, hail, snow, or rain at least every two years.  In between, be sure to have a look around the attic for any obvious signs of leaking.  Even a small leak in your roof can add up to big damage.

7. Clean Your Gutters

Full gutters can cause water to flow into places it should not.  Cleaning your gutters is a home maintenance task that you can do yourself but check with the professionals if you think it might be beyond your skill set. If you need assistance, we know and trust the team at Horizon Outdoor

8. Inspect Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are often overlooked by homeowners. It's important to inspect your windows and doors for drafts, cracks, and signs of moisture damage.  Also, double-check that your locks are functioning properly.  Most lock repairs can be done yourself.

9. Inspect Exterior Lighting

Another area that is often overlooked is outside lighting.  But it's so important for the safety of your family and your guests.  Be sure that you check the light fixtures to make sure they function correctly and replace any light bulbs.  It is a good idea to do this at least twice a year.

10. Clean Your Dryer Vent

Dryer vents cause thousands of fires each year.  One way to avoid a dryer vent fire is to schedule annually. This can be done through a duct and vent cleaning service like Clean Sweep

By following these tips, you can ensure that your home is properly maintained and avoid any costly repairs down the road. Not only will this help to protect your home’s value over time, but it can also save you money in the long run. Additionally, regular home maintenance can help keep you safe as many home maintenance tasks are designed to prevent potential hazards or accidents from occurring. 

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