Everything You Need to Know About Sump Pumps

Spring has come late this year in Maryland. It’s May and we have seen SO MUCH rain! With excessive amounts of rain, comes frequent calls due to basement floods. One of the main contributors to basement flooding is the sump pump.

Do You Have a Sump Pump in Your Home?

If you have a basement or crawl space, your home is likely a great candidate for a sump pump. Take a look in your basement or crawl space and see if you have one. If you don’t see one, then it may be a great idea to invest in one to save you the headache, damage, and cost of flooding. 

When trying to locate your home’s sump pump look at the lowest level in your basement. Sump pumps are placed at the lowest level because their job is to pump out water before it even reaches the basement level - preventing flooding.

What Happens if You Lose Power?

A standard sump pump is powered by electricity. In a power outage, if you don’t have a generator, your sump pump will not work until the power is restored. 

This can be a crucial time to need the sump pump if you’re experiencing heavy rains due to severe thunderstorms. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into a whole home generator to help prevent your basement from flooding, you can invest in a battery backup sump pump. 

If you lose power, the battery backup will kick on, so that your sump pump will continue to function like normal.

Catch a Problem Before Your Basement Floods

It is recommended to test your sump pump at least every 3 months to ensure it is working correctly. The worst way to find out that there is an issue is after your basement floods. 

Testing your sump pump is as easy as 1..2..3..

  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with water.
  2. Slowly pour the bucket of water into the sump pump until the pump is activated.
  3. Watch the water level drop and ensure that the sump pump turns off when the water drops below the shut-off level.

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